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What is power bank sharing?

For iPhone & Android device users:

  • A convenient, affordable, & green phone charging solution
  • Charging stations all over Dubai
  • 24/7 customer service
iCharge point is a power bank
sharing network accessible via the
iCharge point mobile app
iPhone and Android users who
need to charge a phone battery use
our mobile app to locate the
closest iCharge point phone
charging point.
Pick up a power bank for rent and
return it at any iCharge point
charging station in our network.
Charge on the go.
Users can charge any iPhone or Android mobile device with type C, micro USB, or IOS connectors.

How it works

charging minutes
delivered in 2021
app installation and
user registration
average charging
of people run out of battery at least once per day
7 : 10
experience anxiety
without their phone
on hands
5 : 10
store bought power
banks are being used
only once
of people don’t carry
back -up power
1 : 8
will use iCharge point
service at the venue

Go Green with iCharge

We help reduce e-waste.
iCharge point’s Dubai power bank rental
stations are the latest addition to the sharing

Join the power bank sharing green revolution:
iCharge point’s power bank charging stations
help ensure that mobile device batteries are
used to their max and taken to recycling after

Affrodable prices

Rates may vary, depending on location. Please check out each station
individually in our app for relevant rates.

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