Now, a green solution for charging mobile devices on the go.

You’ve heard of car sharing, bicycle sharing, and electric moped sharing – now there’s power bank charging station sharing from iChargepoint. We help reduce e-waste.
iChargepoint’s Dubai power bank rental stations are the latest addition to the sharing economy.
Join the power bank sharing green revolution: iChargepoint’s power bank charging stations help ensure that mobile device batteries are used to their max and taken to recycling after that.


According to the United Nations Environment Programme, “Less than 20% of e-waste is formally recycled, with 80% either ending up in landfill or being informally recycled – much of it by hand in developing countries, exposing workers to hazardous and carcinogenic substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium. E-waste in landfill contaminates soil and groundwater, putting food supply systems and water sources at risk.”

As consumers, we share responsibility for the appropriate recycling of e-waste, including batteries that contain toxic substances. The problem is, we can’t do it alone – we need support from residential building management and manufacturers who participate in recycling programs.

We need easy access to receptables and/or commercial drop-offs.
But for a variety of reasons, recycling solutions around the globe lag far behind this serious problem.
With iChargepoint you are part of the solution to e-waste.

Each one of us must do our part to help reduce e-waste. One way is to repair devices if possible – put off acquiring new phones and computers until it’s necessary. Granted, this is a difficult ask when the cost of repair often does not make financial sense. (Cue repair-industry disruptors.) Or, given the popularity of secondhand everything, you could try to resell your device. The third best option is to recycle – and that’s where iChargepoint can help.
If you buy a power bank at a store, how do you know when it is truly at the end of its useful life? Most of the time store-bought power banks are discarded way too early and too often, not recycled, or recycled improperly. Power bank sharing with iChargepoint is the solution.

iChargepoint ensures the most efficient use of its power banks and delivers only fully-depleted ones to Dubai’s approved e-waste recycling centers. We follow all local regulations and industry best practices for battery disposal and recycling.
iChargepoint commits to helping to raise awareness about the environmental imperative of keeping batteries and other e-waste out of landfills and doing our part to recycle responsibly.
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