How do I rent a power bank from iCharge Point?
You must first download the iCharge Point app, available in the App Store or Google Play. You'll need to create or log into an account, providing a valid mobile number and entering the one-time-passcode SMS sent to that number. Approach the station and type in the station number or scan the QR code to release a power bank for you to use. If you're seeking a station, explore the map in the app.
How do I use an iCharge Point power bank?
Like most traditional power banks, ours come with built-in Type-C and Micro USB and iOS cables. The cables can be found in a slot at the front side of the power bank. To use, press and pull the cable out and plug it into your phone. iOS cables can charge an iPhone, iPad, and iPod, Micro USB cables can charge an Android phone, camera, GoPro, wireless headphones, etc., while Type-C cables can charge newer Android devices. You can also use your own Micro USB cable to recharge the power bank if you're not near a station.
How much does it cost to rent an iCharge point power bank?
Our rates vary depending on agreements with partners and landlords, so please check the screen for the specific station's rate. The daily cap amount for all locations is AED 20 per 24 hours.
What payment options do you offer?
You can pay with your credit card after saving your card details or use Apple Pay or Google Pay.
How do I return the iCharge point power bank?
To return it, insert the power bank into an iCharge point station slot until it clicks. Wait for the app to show your rental recap, or contact in-app support if it doesn't. Before returning, ensure it is our station by locating the iCharge point logo.
My Power Bank Doesn't Charge My Device. What Should I Do?
Check if the cable is properly plugged in. Press the power button on the power bank. Remove phone case if necessary. If problem persists, contact support.
What If the iCharge Station Is Full or Empty?
Locate another station via the app. Our network is growing. You can check the number of available return slots and power banks by pressing the location pin in the app.
What If I Lose or Forget to Return the Power Bank?
You will be charged until a purchase price of 120 AED is reached. Then your order will close, and you can keep the power bank.
How Do I Find an iCharge Station?
Find stations in cafes, bars, hotels, shopping areas via the app map.
How Do I Change Payment Method?
Go to the menu in the app, select profile, tap on payment method, and change.
Do I Need a Code to Set Up an iCharge Account?
Yes, two-factor authentication is used, sending a code via SMS to your mobile number. Contact support if there are OTP issues.
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