iCharge point has formed partnerships with many government entities, private companies, and healthcare facilities to offer phone charging solutions for customers and employees.

As many Government Entities are now offering digital services, it is essential for customers to have access to charged phones in order to verify their identity with UAE pass, receive OTP or make payments. iCharge point's partnerships with government entities will ensure that customers have access to charging stations in government buildings, making it easier for them to access services.

Private companies also benefit from providing phone charging services for their employees. By offering charging stations in the workplace, companies can increase productivity and allow employees to move freely while charging their devices. This is particularly useful for companies whose employees are always moving from one meeting to another or with flexible office spaces.

At hospitals and clinics sponsored charging is provided to patients, as they often have to wait during their visit. This service not only provides a convenient service for patients but also improves their overall experience while visiting the healthcare facility.
Our partnerships with government entities, private companies, and healthcare facilities are a testament to the importance of phone charging services and we are proud to be able to provide this service to our partners. With iCharge point, customers, employees, and patients can stay connected and powered no matter where they are.

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