iCharge Point is a Dubai-born power bank sharing service that provides an extensive network of fully automated vending machines. Our mission is to improve the quality of urban life by providing a service that increases mobility and reduces stress, while promoting a sustainable environment for future generations.

As a UAE-grown brand, we are proud to offer our services to residents and visitors all over the country. We have partnered with top companies in various sectors, including F&B, hospitality, healthcare, government, events, entertainment, and education, to bring our power bank sharing solution to a wider audience.

Our power banks can be picked up and returned at any location within our network, making it easy and convenient for users to keep their devices charged on the go. Accessing our power banks is simple and straightforward, with a mobile app that guides users to the nearest vending machine.

Join us in our mission to create a comfortable and eco-friendly metropolis. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety and embrace the convenience of a fully charged device with iCharge Point.

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